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Since 2004, Perimeter Pest Management has been committed to providing effective pest control solutions with prompt and courteous customer service.  We would genuinely appreciate the opportunity to show you how we can solve your pest control problems.

Chemicals, Treatment Methods and Environmental Responsibility

We use chemicals that are EPA regulated and proven effective.  They  have a long-term residual effect.  Our chemicals are low odor and dry quickly.  Therefore, our customers receive maximum pest solutions with the least inconvenience.

We use an integrated pest management approach.  First, we use target specific chemicals applied in the areas where pests are present.  We treat both interior and exterior.  Additionally, we provide exclusion services and recommentations including non-chemical solutions.  Finally, we practice environmental responsiblity, using the correct chemical in the right location.  This results in maximum effectiveness with the least amount of environtmental impact.

Affordable Prices - Guaranteed Results

We customize all treatement plans to address the specific needs of each customer.  Therefore, we offer one-time, monthly or quarterly service.  Our prices are competative, to meet your budget requirements.

We stand behind our service.  If your pest problems are not resolved, we will re-treat your property for FREE any time during your contract.


Organic, "Green" Alternatives to Chemicals

We offer effective “green” alternatives to traditional chemical treatments.  They utilize botanical compounds plants generate as part of their natural defense against insect attacts.  These products are organic. Over the years, we have found them to be as affective as chemicals.  When the safety of your health and the environment is your number one concern, call Perimeter Pest Management for environmentally responsible solutions to your pest control problems.


Effective pest control and prevention begins with accurate identification of the problem. We offer a FREE, no obligation inspection and evaluation,  First, we come to your home, correctly identify existing pests, their source and any conditions conducive to infestations. Next, we design a treatment plan specific to your pest control needs. We offer one-time, monthly or quarterly service at prices that will fit your budget. It would be our pleasure to show you how professional pest control services can make a positive difference.

“So thankful for Robert of Perimeter Pest! First time in a long time that someone in the service industry has bene punctual, such a nice change.  Did what he promised and the results are as I expect.  Confident to refer to family and friends.”

Chris Haler

Happy Customer

“Perimeter Pest Management keeps our home happy and free of unwanted pests.  They have always been available when I have called for unexpected needs too (snakes and spiders!!!)  I am very pleased with their service and highly recommend them.”

Hannah Lee

Happy Customer

Professional, Trained and Licensed

Perimeter Pest Management is a professional business that takes old-fashioned pride in a job well done.  We are committed to building long term relationships with our customers by providing effective pest control solutions with courteous customer service.  All technicians receive training and continuing eduction meeting or exceeding state licensing requirements.  Also, we stay informed of changes in products treatment methods and the pest control industry at large.  Finally, we are a proud member of the Georgia Pest Control Association.

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