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Honey Bees

We love Honey Bees! Honey Bees are great - just not inside your home!

Honey Bees play a very important role in the pollination of crops and gardens. In the past few years, there has been a dynamic decline in their numbers, due at least in part to Colony Collapse Disorder.

Perimeter Pest Management recognizes the importance of the Honey Bee. Whenever possible, we will relocate a hive that may be effecting your home.

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A 6' tall honey bee hive in the wall between two patios. May, 2007 - Decatur, GA.

A relocated hive preparing to swarm. July, 2008 - Conyers, GA

Honey Bees were accessing this home through a gap at the peak of the roof. May, 2009 - Social Circle, GA

After the swarm left the bee box, they gathered together in a pine tree. Their queen would have been in the middle. An hour later, they had left to establish a new hive. July. 2008 - Conyers, GA